Thomas A. Watson

  • All six volumes of Thomas A. Watson’s amazing, brutal zombie apocalypse series, Blue Plague are available now!

    BLUE PLAGUE 1 THE FALL - WINLOCK COVERThe Blue Plague came roaring out of the Congo, fast and brutal and absolutely deadly. In the wake of global extinction came The Infected, violently insane and incredibly tough, fast and smart, with gray-blue skin and impossible strength. They could think. They could plan. They could heal—they could even reproduce. And they simply could not be stopped.

    Bruce and Debbie, Mike and Nancy had been preparing for the worst for years. When the end came, they were ready. But no one could have anticipated the Infected, and it caught the two partnered families while they were still fighting the good fight as doctors and health workers at University Hospital in Louisiana. But that life was ending forever.

    There’s nothing to do but bug out. And they know exactly where to go.

    The Blue Plague series tells the intense, high-action story of Bruce and his extended family as they fight to reach their sanctuary, draw together other innocent survivors, and confront the undead and the ugly remnants of the worst of human society.



    In the struggle to reach their carefully built, completely fortified sanctuary, the preppers must confront thousands of The Infected… and they make some invaluable new friends along the way. They’ll encounter Buffy, a plague orphan that they take on as another daughter. They’ll save a busload of kids. And they’ll kick the hell out of mobs of the Infected and equally dangerous marauders who will do anything – including rape and murder – to survive. That cannot stand. That can never stand. Bruce and Jack and their rapidly expanding families may be heroes, but that don’t take any crap.
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    Blue Plague 2Book Two: Survival

    Bruce and his family have finally made it home. But the battle for the future has barely begunThe Louisiana farm was everything they could have hoped for, but no one had planned for the endless horde of fast, smart ravenous blue zombies. Now, as they gather an armamentarium of awesome military weaponry from abandoned outposts all across the countryside, Bruce and his growing clan of survivors realize the truth: their compound can be the beginning of a new and rebuilt world… but only if they can confront the “blues” and make their home safe.
    And Bruce knows exactly how to make that happen. Pity the poor blues.
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    BP 3 cover

    Book Three: Sacrifice

    The apocalypse is behind them. The battle for the future is ahead. And the walking dead are everywhere. The blues they’ve gathered a horde as large as a city, and only Bruce’s warriors and weapons stand between them and the end of the world. The bravest men and women in America, the most devastating firepower the military ever made, and Bruce’s brilliant tactics all come together in the battlefield that was once Shreveport, Louisiana for a  crucial confrontation – a possible turning point in the war.
    But will all that be enough? What more will the last humans be forced to sacrifice?
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    Blue Plague 4 cover.jpg

    The zombies killed the love of his life. Now he would make the world pay. Bruce had promised to keep his family safe. Now, in spite of the best armament in the world, battle-hardened allies, and his own brilliant strategy, his greatest love is killed … and it pushes Bruce over the edge. He goes on a killing rampage, destroying blue and marauders alike.
    Rage is a bloodbath of violence, grief, and revenge that literally changes the landscape of the post-apocalyptic world as he slaughters the enemies of humanity until he is feared and hated by both.Family First. Even after the end of the world.
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    Watson - Blue Plague 5 for KINDLE COVER

    Book Five: Decisions

    Bruce has saved thousands and forged them into an awesome fighting force. Now they must destroy forty million smart, fast, undead maniacs if they hope to save the world. The human gangs that preyed on the survivors of the apocalypse have been defeated and scattered; they live in fear of Bruce’s clan and their overwhelming weaponry. They have gathered military hardware from choppers to rocket launchers and beyond. And they’ve taken over the drones and satellite network from the factionalized remains of the U.S. government, locked in internal conflict with an increasingly fascist and evil Homeland Security.
    It’s time to take control… and eliminate millions of Infected.
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    Watson - Blue Plague 6 cover final for TwitterBook Six: War FIRST TIME IN PRINT!

    The ultimate battle for humanity and freedom begins – and ends – right here. On one side: the ravenous, unending and undead hordes of the Infected – insanely fast blue zombies who can think, heal and even reproduce. On the other: the vicious, hyper-violent and desperate remains of the U.S. Government, obsessed with destruction of the real America. Only Bruce and his brave clan of battle-hardened warriors will stand and fight for the future.
    Nothing less than the future of the human race is at stake. And Bruce is ready for the fight.
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