The reviews for the Winchestster Undead Series keep pouring in

Oh my god!!! Dave Lund kept me reading nonstop!

It took me less than three days to to read both books, and now feel like a book stalker looking for book 3 about 2 times a week. Just so you know Mr. Lund we are waiting and watching for Winchester, so please don’t take a vacation and leave us wondering.

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Great exciting sequel!

No, NO I want more. What a fantastic continuation of a zombie story. A can’t-put-it-down book. We are beginning to see how David is pulling all these threads together and leaves us wanting wanting wanting. So excited for the next book.

Can’t wait!

Mr. Lund has upped the voltage in the second of this series. Just as you’re starting to get comfortable he pulls the trigger and things turn topsy turvy. The fact that no one escapes unscathed is an added bonus, there are some scenes that really punch you in the gut. I hope this awesome story continues to grow.

Loved it!

Okay, now that I have found another series to read I have to wait for Book Three. So much action, grief, excitement, terror and hope. Love the different survivor groups, root for the good guys and pray that the bad ones die violently. Now the long wait….

Winchester2Sequels ARE Good

I’m super impressed with this book and can’t wait to start Book 3.

Another exciting thrill ride…

… that leaves you hanging on the edge as you devour page after page only for it to end with you still needing more.

Beware the rampaging bear

This story did not go in the direction I thought it would after Book One, but boy did it have me gripped. There were several scenes that had me sitting a work open mouthed, good job I was having lunch at the time but not so good for anyone watching me eat. I’m not going to give anything away regarding the story apart from beware the rampaging bear, for there will be bloody retribution.

Dave does it again with another hit!

Winchester:Prey picks up where the first book left off. Very good read and would recommend this book for anyone who enjoys action, violence, and zombies with some prepper knowledge.

Getting deeper into what looks to be an excellent series!

This has been an awesome story so far. Plenty of action, well developed characters. Dave Lund has created what looks to be a very promising new series, reminiscent of DJ Molles’ The Remaining. I am eagerly looking forward to the next book in this series!

If you are a fan of prepper fiction, you’ll love this story!

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