The Escape

As the zombie apocalypse rages on, Cali and her family find refuge in Idaho… but it’s not enough. She knows the ugly truth: hand-to-mouth, hard-scrabble “survival” is just slow suicide. If they hope to live, really live, her family, her friends, her community must thrive.

At first a small town in Montana, hundreds of miles away, looks like the answer. Then Cali receives a message of hope from an unlikely source, telling them about Ireland: a safe zone, free from the undead. She and her allies must make an impossible decision: do they risk their lives crossing the country – and the Atlantic Ocean! – to reach a zombie-free home, or do they stay put and make the best with what they have?

With the undead attacking from every side … how far will they go to feel truly alive once more?

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The zombie apocalypse that began in The Complex continues! Learn more about Book One here. Then continue the adventure in Book Two, The Highwayand see it from a whole new angle in Book Four, The Long Road.