The Complex

 Cali Anglin used to make fun of “The Complex,” her gated  community.
Now it’s all that stands between her family and the zombie apocalypse.

WINLOCK COVER OF REANIMATES THE COMPLEX 1Cali Anglin, RN, had a great life: a good job, loyal friends, a happy home with her loving husband and her bright and delightful ten-year-old son. She loved her slightly ordinary existence in one of the best gated communities in Los Angeles. It was nothing special to the rest of the world, she knew, but she loved it, and so did her husband Trent and her son Drew (the true loves of her life).

And then … it all ended.

Life was absolutely normal the Wednesday she first heard about “Shelton’s Disease.” But by Friday, the life she had loved was gone forever.

Suddenly, the half-empty gated community that she had taken for granted is all that stands between her family and the endless, ravenous hordes of reanimates. Now her neighbors are more than just neighbors. They all know one thing: if they don’t work together, despite their differences, they will all die alone.

There are other families in the Complex. But there are also loners, invalids, bitter old ladies, and shy young teens suddenly forced to grow up. Each of them will respond to this terrifying new reality in different, surprising, and often deadly ways. Some will be heroes; some will betray them. Others will simply die. But together, these ordinary people – every race, every gender, every age – will have to become a new kind of community if they have any hope of surviving.

They will have to learn the ‘art’ of looting; they will have to teach themselves to live with weapons in their hands twenty-four hours a day. They will even have to re-engineer their world to live with limited electricity and far too little food and water. And there will always be the reanimates, the walking dead, all around them, just beyond the walls. Even worse, all too soon they will learn that zombies aren’t their only, or even their biggest, threat. The other human survivors of the apocalypse are still very much alive, and they are far more dangerous … and more desperate.

They’re in a George Romero movie come to life, and if they’re not careful, it will kill them. Very quickly.

With the government gone, electricity extinguished, and the food supply dwindling, Cali has to face fundamental questions she’s never asked herself before: just how far will she go to save her family, her friends, her community? Would she kill for them? Would she die for them? Is it even possible to live through the zombie apocalypse and still hold tight to your own humanity?

She’s about to find out.

In the terrifying tradition of George Romero’s Day of the Dead and Mira Grant’s Feed, Julie Rudolph gives us a fresh and frightening look at the zombie apocalypse from the ground level, when ordinary people are forced to face extraordinary evil… and survive.

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