After the End of the World


Life as we know it has come crashing down.
So what happens next?

A growing group of great authors offer visions of hope and tragedy that take place after the end. Zombies,  radiation, plagues, natural disasters, demons — everything you’d expect and a whole lot more. Enter the worlds we can expect after the SHTF:

Alex Vorkov’s Generation 0

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On Friday, June 10 at exactly 9:27 a.m. EST, every adult on Earth drops dead.

The children have inherited the Earth. And their nightmare is just beginning.

Facing starvation and pursued by a relentless sniper bent on killing her, Josie Revelle – an undersized misfit with nowhere to run – embarks on a mad 48-hour journey that takes her places darker than she ever imagined. She finds friendship in Shawnika Williams, a street-smart, hard-punching girl on a desperate quest to find her missing brother, and Grace Cavanaugh, a naïve West Virginia farm girl looking for redemption . . . and Josie’s about to become an unwilling messiah.

At the end of their path awaits charismatic, megalomaniacal teenage psychopath Zane Barzán, who commands an army of adolescent killers and has been busy building his own blood-soaked empire modeled after Hitler’s Third Reich.

Misfit. Brawler. Tomboy. Psychopath. Are they the end of humanity, or a new beginning?


Craig Martelle’s End Times Alaska Series

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A nuclear bomb has destroyed Fairbanks, Alaska. How will Chuck and his family survive?

End Times Alaska EndureWhat would you do if you lost power, water, and the protection of law enforcement, all in an instant … and what if you knew it was never coming back?

Retired Marine and survivalist Chuck Nagy, his brilliant and brave wife, Madison, and their remarkable children are thrown from the modern world into a dystopian wasteland in the span of a few heartbeats. Now it’s up to Chuck to build a new life in a post-apocalyptic world that becomes more dangerous every day.

Ultimately the Nagys and their courageous, determined community must flee the invading Russian forces, battling the invaders and elements, then return to their home to reclaim in it one final, deadly confrontation.

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Thomas A. Watson’s Dark Titan Series:
The Ultimate Prepper’s Adventure Classic!

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Nathan Owens was just topping up his tank when the gas pump stopped working. So did the radio. And the lights. Then planes starting falling out of the sky, and the plutonium-powered satellites began to explode.

A massive solar storm – the Coronal Mass Event that had been predicted for years – had finally hit Earth, and the EMP it created instantaneously threw the world back to the Bronze Age. Soon the radioactive fallout from space would spread death and disease across the globe.

Even worse: the EOTWAWKI wasn’t just a natural disaster. There was a sinister, almost omnipotent human force behind it… one that wanted him dead.


Thomas A. Watson’s Blue Plague Series

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BLUE PLAGUE 1 THE FALL - WINLOCK COVERThe Blue Plague came roaring out of the Congo, fast and brutal and absolutely deadly. In the wake of global extinction came The Infected, violently insane and incredibly tough, fast and smart, with gray-blue skin and impossible strength. They could think. They could plan. They could heal. They could even reproduce. And they simply could not be stopped.

Blue Plague 2The Infected were invading, violently insane and incredibly tough; the preppers work for 72 hours straight to save as many as they can, but the runners , with gray-blue skin and impossible strength,simply could not be stopped.

There’s nothing to do but bug out. And they know exactly where to go.

BP 3 coverIn the struggle to reach their carefully built, completely fortified sanctuary, the preppers must confront thousands of The Infected… and they make some invaluable new friends along the way. They’ll encounter Buffy, a plague orphan that they take on as another daughter.

Blue Plague 4 cover.jpgThey’ll save a busload of kids. And they’ll kick the hell out of mobs of the Infected and equally dangerous marauders who will do anything – including rape and murder – to survive. That cannot stand. That can never stand. Bruce and Mike and their rapidly expanding families may be heroes, but that don’t take any crap.

Watson - Blue Plague 5 for KINDLE COVERAnd then there were The Infected themselves. They weren’t zombies – that would be too easy. They were something much worse. The Infected were violent and unstoppable, but they could think. They could heal from most wounds. And worst of all: they could reproduce.

Watson - Blue Plague 6 cover final for TwitterJoin the families and their new-found friends as they battle their way across Infected Louisiana, doing what needs to be done to reach their secret home in the hills. It’s a survivalist adventure filled with courage and betrayal, tragedy and hope.

Everything is on the line, just as they always knew it would be when the time came.

And the time is now.

Thomas A, Watson has written an awesome story of the world after the end of the world, where the walking dead are far more than simply shuffling slo-mo monsters, and the stakes as high as they come: the fate of humanity itself.


Dave Lund’s Winchester Over Series

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The EMP from atmospheric detonations occurred just before Christmas. Chinese bombs spreading poison on major metropolitan centers followed only hours later. Then the dead began to walk… and to kill with terrifying speed.


The government, from the President to the foot soldier, fell in three days. Nine out of ten – maybe more – were dead before Valentine’s Day. Only a hardy few, those who had prepared for the worst, lived long enough to see what happened next.

Winchester: Over tells the stories of the many who fell and the handful who survived. It follows former motor-cop Bexar Reed and his family, along with their lifelong friends and fellow preppers, as they fight their way to relative safety in rural Texas. Also told is the story of a highly trained government agent who has to fight his own way out of an infected airport and make it to the last barely functioning military installation, hidden beneath the art at Area 51.

They are stories of courage and combat, weaponry and battle tech. They reveal the secret history of humanity and the military, ancient artifacts, and the Nazi occult… and always, always, the ravenous walking dead, as the last brave humans teeter on the edge of extinction.

The reanimates’ relentless destruction of civilization is only the beginning. The bestial remnants of humanity are only one shuffling step behind.

“If you shook this book, gunpowder and testosterone would fall out.” -Chris Philbrook, Author of Adrian’s Undead Diary



J Rudolph’s Reanimates

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Cali Anglin, RN, had a great life: a good job, loyal friends, a happy home with her loving husband and her bright and delightful ten-year-old son. Then it all came crashing down.

 Or this one!Life was absolutely normal the Wednesday she first heard about “Shelton’s Disease.” But by Friday, the life she had loved was gone forever.

Suddenly, the half-empty gated community that she had taken for granted is all that stands between her family and the endless, ravenous hordes of reanimates. Now her neighbors are more than just neighbors. They all know one thing: if they don’t work together, despite their differences, they will all die alone.

Or this one!There are other families in the Complex. But there are also loners, invalids, bitter old ladies, and shy young teens suddenly forced to grow up. Each of them will respond to this terrifying new reality in different, surprising, and often deadly ways. Some will be heroes; some will betray them. Others will simply die. But together, these ordinary people – every race, every gender, every age – will have to become a new kind of community if they have any hope of surviving.

Reanimates Escape kindle coverThey will have to learn the ‘art’ of looting; they will have to teach themselves to live with weapons in their hands twenty-four hours a day. They will even have to re-engineer their world to live with limited electricity and far too little food and water. And there will always be the reanimates, the walking dead, all around them, just beyond the walls. Even worse, all too soon they will learn that zombies aren’t their only, or even their biggest, threat. The other human survivors of the apocalypse are still very much alive, and they are far more dangerous … and more desperate.

With the government gone, electricity extinguished, and the food supply dwindling, Cali has to face fundamental questions she’s never asked herself before: just how far will she go to save her family, her friends, her community? Would she kill for them? Would she die for them? Is it even possible to live through the zombie apocalypse and still hold tight to your own humanity?

In the terrifying tradition of George Romero’s Day of the Dead and Mira Grant’s Feed, Julie Rudolph gives us a fresh and frightening look at the zombie apocalypse from the ground level, when ordinary people are forced to face extraordinary evil… and survive.


Great stories, great adventures, great triumph and tragedy … waiting for you at the end of the world.