Supernatural Romance


Winlock Press has brought you some amazing stories of humans and horror for years … and now Winlock’s Supernatural Romance line explores the greatest mystery of all: the mysteries of the human heart!

Join us for some strange and wonderful stories, always with a supernatural twist. It begins here, with:

grave dangerGrave Danger

An Aurelia Graves Novel

S.K. Gregory

Aurelia Graves was born a necromancer. She just didn’t know it until now. That sudden supernatural discovery – and the romance it brings with it – could be the death of her. Will she survive long enough to enjoy her weird new world?

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B.T. Clearwater

Annie’s in trouble at work, her ex-boyfriend is stalking her, and she’s just inherited her late mother’s dilapidated Victorian home in Denver. The last thing she needs in her life is a man … but when handyman Mike Tolbert comes to fix her dishwasher, all that changes.

As Mike and Annie build a relationship, they discover Annie’s late mother hasn’t exactly left the house – and she’s certainly not leaving them alone. In fact, she’s more than willing to cross the barrier between the worlds to control her daughter’s life. With the ghost of her mother haunting them, Mike and Annie face his PTSD, her troubles at work, legal battles over the house, and a deadly plot to force Annie out of her childhood home as they fight to keep their love alive.



Deegie 1 cover Draft 1A Jar of Fingers

(The Complicated Life of Deegie Tibbs #1)

C.L. Hernandez

Deegie Tibbs is an independent young witch with a funky little shop that sells magical items, a crazy collection of magical friends, and a brand new (haunted) house, complete with ghosts in the walls and a basement with a gallon jar of human fingers and its very own demon. It’s a complicated life…and things are about to get really weird.

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Witch WarThe Witch War of Fiddlehead Creek

(The Complicated Life of Deegie Tibbs #2)

C.L. Hernandez

Strange creatures lurk in the woods, and a young witch named Deegie Tibbs is stalked by an ancient enemy. She must find a way to destroy the assassin who has been threatening her life since birth, and seeks the help of a small but powerful band of fellow witches. They are soon joined by Deegie’s father, who has miraculously returned from the dead…or has he?

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Seven Deadly Ghosts

Seven Deadly Ghosts

(The Complicated Life of Deegie Tibbs #3)

C.L. Hernandez

A teenage girl steals a magical item from Deegie’s shop and accidentally conjures up seven of the most annoying paranormal entities in Washington. Now Deegie and her friends – a boyfriend, his brother, a witch, and a thief – have to help her capture them all, one by one. Can she discover the secret of the marauding ghosts and end the chaos before it’s too late?

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Lucifer and Eve are reunited in the Depression Era Dustbowl...and the world will never be the same.

The Devil’s Lament

A novel of the Devil and the Dustbowl

Kenneth W. Harmon

It is 1932. The world has turned to dust. Lucifer stills walks among us, testing the faithful at every turn. Then he discovers the reincarnation of Eve in a Dust Bowl revival tent … and their ancient passion threatens the world again. When Lucifer and Eve were together in Eden, their relationship changed the fate of humanity. What will happen if God brings them together again?

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