Science Fiction


At Winlock Press, the future is now.

We’ve just launched our new Science Fiction line with two amazing series: Star Runners by L.E. Thomas and Pulse by R.A. Crawford — two indie hits we’re happy to bring to a wider audience.

Books One and Four are already available, and Books 2 and 3 will be published in early 2017. And The Trial, the first of the Pulse series, has just premiered, with more to come.

This is just the beginning of our “future worlds” initiative. Get on the mailing list and stay one step ahead of the future. It’s coming your way right now!


The Trial: Book One of Pulse

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Forty of Earth’s most dangerous women compete to become warriors in the interstellar empire known as PULSE. They must endure a Trial on a death-planet filled with monsters and betrayal.

Only three will survive. And the war hasn’t even begun.

It’s a future like you’ve never seen before: one populated by amazing (and often unfriendly) aliens and a Humanity that is 100% female. A paradise in some ways, a prison in others, this handful of extraordinary women must fight to stay alive in a brutal universe, enduring an onslaught of deadly challenges, just to join the fight against a star-spanning threat they can scarcely imagine.

THE TRIAL is the first in an action-packed adventure series for all ages, crammed with creatures, combat, courage . . . and some of the most fascinating new characters you’ve encountered in years.

Join PULSE! See the universe! You might even survive.


L.E. Thomas’ Star Runners

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One day, Austin is just a typical American teenager, struggling with school and the loss of his father. He’s also a living legend as “Rock,” one of the best players of the hugely popular Star Runners MMORPG in the entire world … but that’s just a game, right?


Suddenly he’s got a scholarship for an intense military school, and soon after that he and his friends – on-line and IRL – learn the truth: everything in Star Runners is real. And if he works hard and survives, he will become a real-life fighter pilot in deep space, a hero of the freedom-loving Legion and locked in desperate battle with space pirates and the star-consuming Zahl Empire.

He will have to survive a grueling education and training. He’ll have to face to his own doubts, the breaking and forging of new friendships, and ultimately meet the woman who will change his life forever….

… and then there’s the war. The space battles against pirates and the Zahl Empire that will decide the fate of civilizations throughout known space … and the future of Earth as well.

Well before he’s ready – and before anyone expected – Austin is thrust into the center of a very real war that spans the stars. Will he be able to save the people that matter to him most … or will his adventure in space end before it begins?


Star Runners 4: Scorpions

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Austin Stone was once a normal teenager on modern-day Earth, playing the Star Runners video game and dreaming of the future. Now the future is all around him: He is a real-life fighter pilot in deep space, a hero of the freedom-loving Legion, and locked in desperate battle with the star-consuming Zahl Empire.

He’s one of the best pilots alive, already a legend, but the price has been high. He’s witnessed the violent death in battle of far too many of his closest friends.

Legion leadership are putting together a secret elite squadron, and Austin and his companions are at the center of it. Their first assignment: find out why the best Star Runners are disappearing . . . and then reappearing as broken men or robotic traitors to the cause.

Old friends, new enemies, glorious and stunning discoveries await, as Austin and his compatriots face the Zahl Empire’s worst once again, in star-spanning life-or-death dogfights that wipe away friends and enemies alike. And when the Scorpions uncover the center of the Zahl’s unspeakable conspiracy against the Legion and all of known space, it nearly destroys Austin–and breaks his heart all over again.

Austin, Bear, Skylar and their fellow Scorpions will need all the skill, stealth, and courage they possess to stop the Zahl one more time, as the galaxy enters a whole new phase of a conflict that spans the stars!