About Winlock Press

Monique Happy has been a well-respected and innovative professional editor for years. Now, with the help of Permuted Press, she’s a publisher of some of the best new writers in Fantasy, Horror, Adventure, Science Fiction, Military Thrillers and Apocalypse Fiction.

In just a few years, Winlock Press has introduced a dozen new writers and debuted even more stories and series, professionally edited, and beautifully made. We are at the leading edge of multi-format, independent publishing.


Not what you’d expect from the unexpected.

Think you’ve read the best of Zombie, Vampire, Military, Horror, and Post-Apocalypse fiction? Winlock believes there are an infinite number of amazing new stories waiting to be told in these solid and popular genres, and we’ve recruited great writers, both new and well-seasoned — to bring their unique perspectives to the horror we love.


Follow us into the unknown.

Let’s face it: most “newsletters” contain more clumsy self-promotion than news. But we’re going to try something a little different. Along with exciting announcements about new Winlock releases, we’ll also be offering free short stories and bonus content, hosting contests and private online chats with authors and special guests, staging art competitions and so much more. We promise never to send you anything that isn’t well worth your time, and we will never, ever share your personal information with anyone. (And of course you can opt out at any time. That’s the law.)

Fill out the form at the right and start getting the newsletter right away. You’ll be glad you did. Because even though we can’t tell you too much about what’s coming next—that would be giving it away! —we can tell you this much:

We’re happy to have you on board!

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