Winlock’s First Non-Fiction: Basic Prepping Essentials: Weaponry


Winlock’s made a name for itself, at least in some circles, with “prepper” and survivalist fiction. Now we’re expanding that into non-fiction as well, with the first of many books from experts in the field.

Our first: Basic Prepping Essentials: Weaponryfrom John Woods.

What can BPE offer you?

Insights on guns, ammunition, products, strategies and tactics from the prepper point of view: what you need, what you want, what works and what’s worth it.

The work of prepping and survival planning is serious business these days, but it must be done – at whatever level you can participate. This book can help you get started, expand, and solidify your supplies and your skills. Topics include gun reviews, prepper ammo and cartridges, AR rifle accessories and strategies, shooting gear and tactics and so much more, from an expert in prepping, survival planning, and weaponry with almost for years of personal, practical experience.

Click on the cover or the title, and take a closer look!

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