Winchester: Prey

Book Two of the Winchester Undead Series

by Dave Lund


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Winchester2Bexar Reed and some new friends have defeated the violent post-apocalypse motorcycle gang that’s been trying to kill them for a thousand miles. Now they’re on their way to join OGA operative Cliff at his refuge in Groom Lake. Their plan: to expand their operation and save other still-sane survivors.

The world ended only months ago. First the nuclear missiles killed millions. Then the chemtrails brought the dead back to life. Now widely scattered bands of brave survivors struggle to defeat the undead… and the evil living bent on their destruction.

But the war for the future must be fought on multiple fronts. A group is being assaulted by an ultra-religious cult bent on destruction. Murderous Special Forces operatives are fighting their way north from Mexico, determined to reclaim and rule the U.S., leaving a blood trail in their wake. Meanwhile, a new ally – an agent like Cliff –rescues the Secretary of Education, perhaps the last surviving member of the Presidential succession. But will he be an ally, or just another burden?

And then, of course, there are the ravenous walking dead, millions of them, that must be confronted and destroyed at every turn.

As each separate, often desperate group fights for survival against the evil living and the mindless dead, their stories intertwine. Their overall success depends on each group succeeding… but what are the odds? Can they win and live another day… or are they rushing towards the individual, ultimate Doomsdays?

“If you shook this book, gunpowder and testosterone would fall out.”  -Chris Philbrook, Author of Adrian’s Undead Diary

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