Myths, Magic & Mayhem


It’s Urban Fantasy taken to a whole new level


C L Hernandez’ Complicated Life of Deegie Tibbs Series

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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00008]Deegie Tibbs is an independent young witch with a lot going on – maybe too much.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00008]

She has a funky little shop full of magical items, and a tendency to cast crazy spells whenever the mood strikes her (and she’d do it even more if Witch’s Cramp didn’t make her miserable every time she made magic). To deal with her complicated life, Deegie’s going to need all her magical skills and inspired spell-casting, as well as help from an assortment of slightly mad friends.

SevenDeadlyGhosts kindle coverAdd a hint of romance, a pinch of joie de vivre, and you’ve got Deegie’s weird, wonderful world. We’re just lucky to live in it.

Meet Deegie Tibbs – smart, funny, and just a little bit dangerous.


Curtis W. Lawson’s Devoured

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The Elder Gods Have Come to the Old West.

Devoured Kindle FINAL 3The old man had lost nearly everything- his family, his home, his war. Now, after years of bloody conflict, he must confront a malevolent cosmic entity to save his only son. Armed with little more than steel and hatred, the old man embarks on a hopeless war against the devouring gods from beyond the stars and their agents on earth.

The Devoured is a grim and compelling new vision of The Old West, filtered through Norse and Native American myth. Join the dark journey!



Kenneth Harmon’s The Devil’s Lament

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Devoured Kindle FINAL 3It is 1932. The world has turned to dust. Lucifer stills walks among us, testing the faithful at every turn. Then he discovers the reincarnation of Eve in a Dust Bowl revival tent … and their ancient passion threatens the world again. When Lucifer and Eve were together in Eden, their relationship changed the fate of humanity. What will happen if God brings them together again?

Click here to read an interview with author Kenneth Harmon, where he talks about the creation of this remarkable novel.