This Just In: Russia Invades America, and New Heroes Arise

With the rising tension and aggression from Russia and its allies, Basil Sands’ new book, Ice Hammer: Invasion is not only exciting…it may even be prophetic.

In the first book of his bold new series, Sands starts with a frankly terrifying premise: Life in the dream that was America ceases when a deadly new alliance of Communist states from Russia, China, and their allies invade from the North, and our world will never be the same.

The invasion splits Brad Stone’s family apart. His wife, Youngmi, is captured and exploited by Alaska’s new Communist warlord. Brad and his sons narrowly avoid massacre and retreat into the icy wilderness. Brad, a former Marine, finds himself thrust to the front as the warrior they call “Ice Hammer” – a leader, a legend, and the most wanted man in occupied Alaska.

Brad, Youngmi, and their sons Ben and Ian must find their way through the horrors of war. They may not live to see victory, but they will not live as slaves. They have already learned a brutal truth:

The age of peace has ended. The age of the Ice Hammer has begun.

Sands’ new series joins other Winlock bestsellers like Craig Martelle’s End Times Alaska series and Thomas A. Watsons’ Dark Titan series in weaving tales that begin with a devastating blow against freedom … and bring about a new kind of hero.

Take a look. Read a sample. You may just find yourself staring the future right

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