Dave Lund, the Winchester Undead prepper expert, tells us how to make post-apocalyptic coffee (thank God!)

Dave Lund, author of the Winchester Undead series for Winlock, lives and writes at the intersection of prepper fiction and zombie fiction. He knows this stuff, in and out. Hell, he lives this stuff, and his blog entries over at WinchesterUndead.com are a great insight into an … unusual mind.

Take, for instance, his recent post on making coffee, prepper style. It’s a fun example, he says, of “why an adaptive mind is more important than having all the right pieces of gear.”

F8Industries-Coffee-02“In this case,” he tells us, “my family and I just returned from six days of camping in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. The first morning we woke, I fired up my trusty old-school Coleman Stove to start heating water and opened the first bag of coffee to pour into our really cool pour-over coffee system…and the system failure presented itself: whole beans.”

In his haste, he’d failed to notice that the three bags of locally roasted coffee that he’d purchased the day before were whole beans, not ground…and there wasn’t a coffee grinder at home, much less at the campsite. “We had other important pieces of gear like a corkscrew for our wine that evening,” he says, “but alas…no ground coffee.” And as we all know – especially those of us with little children in our lives – a morning without coffee is a morning not worth living.

What’s the solution? “Adapt and overcome,” Dave Lund says…which is kind of the Prepper Code. “We had zip top bags, and I had a plastic hammer I use for tent stakes. So we can make ‘ground’ coffee.” It took some time, carefully pounding on the bag to crush the coffee beans without blowing the bag apart, and even though the ‘grind’ wasn’t that great, “we still had good coffee every morning.”

Potentially devastating EOTWAWKI problem solved.

“Imagine that we are in a situation where we have no electricity, or there is massive civil unrest and you can’t leave to purchase more goods. Now imagine how much comfort could be found in a simple cup of coffee in the morning to help keep your mental health up and your outlook positive. Before shutting down all options for a single point of failure,” Lund tells us, “enjoy the challenge of making what you have work.

We couldn’t agree more. All his solution is missing is a scattering of hissing, chittering zombies in the distance… but you’ll find plenty of that in The Winchester Undead Series.

Explore more of Dave Lund’s world here, at WinchesterUndead.com, and see what a real prepper and his family would do in Winchester: Over and Winchester: Prey, both available now!

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