The Dark Titan – Journey Series

The Ultimate Prepper’s Adventure Classic

Nathan Owens was just topping up his tank when the gas pump stopped working. So did the radio. And the lights. Then planes starting falling out of the sky, and the plutonium-powered satellites began to explode.

A massive solar storm – the Coronal Mass Event that had been predicted for years – had finally hit Earth, and the EMP it created had instantaneously thrown the world back to the Bronze Age. Soon the radioactive fallout from space would spread death and disease across the globe.

Owens and his friends had been preparing for something like this for years, and now it had finally happened. But when it came, it came at the worst possible time. He was two thousand miles away from his family and his redoubt – the only chance they had to survive the dark days ahead. If he ever hoped to escape, he would have to draw together a team of survivalists, to save those nearby before he could even begin the last, most important journey of his life.

And there was one thing he hadn’t counted on at all: the EOTWAWKI wasn’t just a natural disaster. There was a sinister, almost omnipotent human force behind it… one that wanted him dead.


The first two volumes of Dark Titan – Journey are already available:

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