Winlock is looking for Supernatural Romance novels … and you’re invited to join us!

Winlock Press has just launched Winlock’s new Supernatural Romance line! Our first title, S.K. Gregory’s Grave Danger, has just premiered, and Smothered, from our second author, B.T. Clearwater, will arrive before the end of the month.

Now it’s your turn!

Editor-in-chief Monique Happy is a long-time fan of romance fiction – from Jayne Ann Krentz to J.D. Robb to Danielle Steele – and she’s throwing open the doors to the best writers in the genre, both new and established … but she’s only looking for tales of romance with a supernatural twist.

Think of Sookie Stackhouse … Buffy Summers … Kitty Norville … October Daye. Imagine joining the ranks of supernatural stories of passion and adventure like Tanya Huff’s The Blood Books, Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake Series, Kim Harrison’s The Hollows Series, and Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson stories. Winlock: DarkHearts is moving way beyond Twilight here, into the twenty-first century, in search of great new characters and intriguing new plot twists in magical new worlds.

Your work can be the next title Winlock: Supernatural Romance title! We’re wide open and waiting for submissions. There are just a few very simple guidelines:

  • Electronic entries only (Microsoft Word or PDF only)
  • You can submit just a ‘pitch’ or an outline, but the manuscript must be complete and ready to submit immediately.
  • Always include a cover letter that summarizes the book in 500 words or less – the author’s idea of the “promotional copy” you would find on the back cover or on Amazon, revealing the book’s central premise and strongest points.
  • Prior publication is perfectly fine, but you must possess and retain all rights of publication in all media

Contact Monique today at

We’re waiting to publish your dreams!

Craig Martelle’s best-selling End Times Alaska: Endure is now available in paperback!

End Times Alaska EndureA nuclear bomb has destroyed Anchorage, Alaska. Chuck Nagy saw it light up the sky from his family cabin outside town. Now he, his family, and his tight-knit community must struggle to survive the aftermath … and an invading force that threatens them all.

End Time Alaska: Endure is the first book in Craig’s ongoing series about survival, freedom, treachery and triumph, and it’s proven to be a best-selling e-book since it first appeared just weeks ago. And now Endure is available in paperback form for the first time!

Enthusiastic reviews for the End Times Alaska series continue to flow in. The Nomadic Reviews said it was a “great read.” “The frozen North becomes the setting and the struggle for survival. Well written, good background info on characters with well developed main character. I’ll be recommending this one to my on line reading group.” Zombie Glorya called it an “awesome story,” and said, “I love how the characters really aren’t sure of what happened and why. Being set in Alaska there’s so much more involved with staying alive than just food and water they have to deal with extreme weather conditions.”

And Amazon reviewer Cathy Nothrup said it beautifully: “I love how the author has written this book, without the usual violence and downgrading of the human race, as in most books written of this nature. Even though there is some unsavory people in this book, for the most part.. it is not filled with gangs, violence, and most of all, filled with useless clutter of all the damage a weapon can do in the hands of one human being to another human being. Thank you very much for that Mr. Martelle!”

Now everyone can get a paperback version for their own. Just CLICK HERE and get your own paperback copy now!

From Sleeps With Monsters: Strong Female Characters and the Double Standard

From Monique Happy, our fearless leader: a terrific article by Liz Bourke over on Here’s the first part; click over to Tor for the rest…

Every now and then, I come across a blog post or an article about Strong Female Characters. (Sometimes several come along at once.) Often with the capital letters, usually decrying a simplistic reading ofstrength. True strength, these articles argue, goes beyond mere skill at arms and a sharp tongue. True strength encompasses so much more than shallow kickassery and badass posturing.

Well, you know, I’m not likely to argue with that case. Strength, and courage, and virtue—notwithstanding its very manly Latin etymology—encompass more than surface-level traits. But I do find it interesting how this argument is almost always applied to female characters. How many posts and articles decry the shallow sorts of strength of the thriller hero—seldom sketched in more than two dimensions—a strength that can generally only be demonstrated by his competence with violence, his willingness to defy authority, and his occasional ability to make entertaining banter? More often you find them praised, or taken as the model for a whole subgenre, at least in terms of style. (Here I make sweeping generalisations, but no more sweeping than have been made in the other direction.)

But show me a female character whose major characteristics arecompetence with violence, willingness to defy authority, and theoccasional ability to make entertaining banter, and I’ll show you a character who—I am willing to guarantee you—has been dismissed as entirely lacking depth, or as a “man with breasts,” or criticised for being insufficiently well-rounded, or not really “strong.” …

Read more at Tor.Com

This just in: ALIENS ATTACK

When was the last time we had a good alien apocalypse? Independence Day, V, if we’re lucky the upcoming film version of the awesome YA novel The Fifth Wave (and its sequels) … but not enough! We need a good, classic, Mars Attacks! kind of apocalypse. So let’s start are own … right here!

Saucer attack

Coming this Halloween: The Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

Clearly this movie was made for us:

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